2014 - A New Hope

Cue the credit scroll...

So, 2014 has arrived and I couldn't be more excited about what's to come this year! I've completed some of the tracks for my album to be released this year. In the coming months I will be finishing this project and getting it out there for people to listen to and enjoy. 

2013 brought so many big steps in the right direction that I'm really looking forward to what will be topping it. I taught my first college course, an Electric Bass class at Cypress College and I've become the Strings instructor for Fairmont Private Schools in Orange County. Aside from those two changes, my position as Music Director for St. Polycarp Church is going on it's 16th year, something I'm still surprised to realize. In addition to all of those things, my gigging schedule has never been busier or more rewarding. I'm so thankful to all the musicians who have kept my phone ringing throughout last year. Especially Ron Kobayashi and Mark Massey, I learn from them every single time we play together. It's like going to school and taking finals all at the same time playing with those guys!

I hope that this new year is awesome for you and I hope to share some music with you during it! 

All the best in 2014 to you!