Steamers' 20th Anniversary Photos

Recently I was privileged to perform along with almost 100 other artists at the Steamers' 20th Anniversary Bash. I was also asked to be the official photographer for this event and I've finally got all of those pictures up on my photography site. So, in case you've come here looking for them, I thought I'd post the group shot of all the performers and if you click the photo, it will take you to my gallery page. I hope you enjoy the portraits of some our amazing music family.

A Great Night in Fullerton

A Great Night in Fullerton

A Brand New Start...

As many of my close friends already know, this past September I made a major change in my musical life. I walked away from my Music Director position of close to 16 years. I decided it was time for me to move on to doing more of what I feel I'm here to do and fully be myself.

This change has now allowed me to focus on my work as a bassist and vocalist and I'm already finding the freedom rewarding. I'm able to say yes to many more opportunities that I've been wanting to be a part of and it's allowing me to grow. Music is a strange business, as anyone who does it professionally will tell you, but it is also a place to learn about yourself. I'm learning I have a lot I want to express musically to people and ideas are coming to me everyday, like someone just turned on a faucet of creativity in my head and I'm just trying to keep up with it. My job is to now sort it all out and decide what I want to share with you all. Out of all of it, I'm sure there is one thing that rises above all, I want you to smile when you hear it. It's the best gift anyone one can really give: a smile.

I look forward to seeing you soon, whether at a performance, Starbucks, or even hopping down the street with my daughter. Thanks for being a part of this journey, for without someone to listen, music isn't really music, it's noise.

All the best to you always,


Welcome to the Summer!

Summer is here. That means parties! That means fun! That means music!

These three things go together and if you're missing the music part, let me know, I'm a professional and I can help. :)

Whatever kind of music you may want for your private party, I can provide it and would be happy to make sure that this year's summer party is the one everyone remembers. Whether it's Swinging Jazz, Caribbean party music, or good ol' Rock n' Roll, I've got you covered.

If you're not planning a party or an event but still want to hear great music this summer, feel free to sign up for my newsletter which will be the place to be in the know about upcoming performances and events.

This is going to be my best summer ever and I want to share the fun with you!