Sam Montooth

Bassist / Vocalist / Photographer

Sam Montooth is an in demand bassist and vocalist residing in Orange County California. He has played throughout most of Southern California. Sam plays acoustic and electric basses as well as being a vocalist. His love is jazz, but is at home playing many styles of music including Soca, Rock n' Roll, Reggae, symphonic works with various orchestras, and musical theater. He is proud to have worked with some of the best jazz musicians around including: Buddy Collette, Mark Massey, Ron Kobayashi, Llew Matthews, Ron Stout, Edmund Velasco, Chris Williams, Jamie Findlay, Kendall Kay, Matt Politano, Bruce Babad, Cris Barber, Paul Carman, Andrew Carney, Michael Carney, Randy Drake, Tom Dustman & Beachfront Property, Gary Gould, Dean Grech, Tony Guerrero, Karen Hammack, Mike Higgins, Jeff Jarvis, Ellen Johnson, Matt Johnson, Dan Methe & the Swing Cats Big Band, Paul Navidad, and Todd Oliver.

Sam has been dedicated to photography for most of his life. His grandfather gave him a Pentax Spotmatic with 5 lenses one summer and that hooked him. Since then, He has been seen shooting everything and anything that catches his eye. He enjoys journalistic style photography, the types of images that capture the essence of the world around us and documents a unique moment in existence. Much like a melody is but a memory of music, the photograph is a memory of moment in time.

To see some of his recent work, click here.